Ascot Vale Leisure Centre


Bookings No Longer Required

Due to the local lockdown announcement made by the State Government on Friday 26 March 2021, bookings will no longer be required for Group Exercise Classes. Members will need to collect a ticket from the kiosks located in the foyer and in the Health Club foyer prior to entering a class.

Group Classes Timetable

Improve your fitness and become a part of the community by joining our popular group fitness classes at Ascot Vale Leisure Centre.

Our timetable features a wide variety of exercise classes to suit everybody's individual needs and fitness levels. Getting started in a gym can be daunting. If you want to build up your confidence, group fitness classes can help you through accountability and social encouragement.

Stadium - Group Exercise

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday
6.00am   Body Pump   Body Pump      
8:30am           Body Pump Circuit
9.15am Body Pump Body Attack Body Pump Zumba Body Pump    
9.30am           Body Attack Body Combat
10.30am LLLS LLLS* Body Step LLLS LLLS Circuit Body Pump
10.30am   Body Balance          
11.30am Zumba Vinyasa Yoga Move It Or Lose it Circuit   Body Balance Body Balance
12.00pm         Healthy Hearts    
12.30pm   Move It Or Lose It          
4.00pm           Body Pump Body Pump
4.30pm   AAA Circuit     AAA Circuit    
5.30pm         Body Pump    
6.00pm Body Step Body Attack Body Pump Body Attack      
7.00pm Body Pump Zumba Body Combat Body Pump      
7.30pm   Boxing**   Boxing**      
8.00pm Body Balance   Body Balance        
* Classes are held in Coaching Zone 
** Classes are held in the Outdoor Training Area


Wellness Studio

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9.00am           Tai Chi#  
10.30am Pilates       Body Balance    
11.30am BARRE   Foundation Yoga   BARRE    
12.30pm       Yoga Pilates    
5.00pm             BARRE
6.00pm   Yoga#   Pilates# Yoga#    
7.00pm Hatha Yoga Pilates#   Relaxation & Meditation#      
# Classes are held in the Creche


Cycle Studio

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6.00am Cycle   RPM   Cycle    
8.15am             Extended RPM
8.30am           Cycle  
9.15am Cycle RPM RPM RPM Sprint    
9.30am           RPM RPM
10.30am   RPM          
4.00pm             RPM
5.30pm RPM Sprint RPM Sprint      
6.30pm   RPM Sprint RPM      


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday
7.30am           Aqua  
8.15am WWA WWA WWA   WWA    
8.30am Aqua Aqua Aqua Aqua Aqua   Aqua
9.15am WWA   WWA WWA WWA    
9.30am Aqua Aqua Aqua Aqua Aqua    
1.00pm     AAA Aqua        
7.15pm Aqua Zumba   Aqua Aqua      

Learn More About Our Group Classes

Click below to learn more about all the classes we provide at Ascot Vale Leisure Centre.

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